Leadership Excellence Assessment

“Before working with STI I had too many direct reports, and although our culture was terrific, we weren’t developing leaders at all levels. STI did a Cultural Assessment where they uncovered what truly motivates our employees, helped us identify our emerging leaders, and helped us see how we could create a cultural of profound innovation, collaboration, accountability, empowerment. The results have been remarkable. Our employees are more engaged and taking greater initiative, our emerging leaders are learning how to be more effective and are mentoring their reports to be the same, and our company is reaping the substantial benefits. We are on track to double our 8 digit revenue in the coming year. Our board has commented on our renewed vitality, focus, performance. Our employees are on their way to a ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ attitude. And I have greater visibility and more time to focus on strategy.”

Michael VanErdewyk

World class leaders have a lot of common characteristics. How does your team measure up? Where are your crucial opportunities for improvement? Let’s find out and get you growing.

World class leaders are focused, clear, accountable, influential and get sustainable results.

We have a proven, neuroscience-based approach to determining where your abilities fall on the scale. We will run the LEA for up to 50 leaders in your organization. Then we will create a report of the Top Challenges and an analysis of how your leaders rated their greatest areas of possible growth.

In two 90-minute coaching sessions we’ll forge a plan with you to resolve your top leadership challenges to strengthen your team and increase results across your organization.

The price is $7500 for a full assessment.
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