Meet Our Team

Janet Schieferdecker

Executive Coach/Leadership Trainer

Janet Schieferdecker is an executive coach and leadership skills trainer. For over 14 years she has worked with managers on increasing their performance and consequent success. Janet brings not only international business experience at the managerial level, but also deep experience in neuroscience coaching and multiple personal growth modalities. She is known for her humor, insight, and skillful reframes. Get in Touch through LinkedIn

Volker Frank

Executive Coach/Leadership Trainer

Volker Frank is a high-octane synthesizer, combining business performance with human potential, systems thinking with intuition, and strategic management with organizational awareness. He brings his passions to the business world as an executive coach, leadership trainer and management consultant.

Cindy Knezevich

SVP Client Cultivation

In her role as SmartTribes Institutes’s SVP of Client Cultivation, Cindy drives brand awareness and identifies demand for STI’s solutions. She spent 20 years in the Atlanta technology industry, successfully growing and scaling marketing organizations by leveraging data to build pipeline and revenue growth. Cindy lives in Atlanta, is an avid genealogist, and loves spending time with her husband, Jason and her 8-year-old son Jonah.

Tami Spence

Client Cultivation Specialist

As Client Cultivation Specialist, Tami Spence supports STI’s marketing efforts by creating new content, setting up systems to facilitate initiatives, and ensuring our existing systems are integrated and working as needed. Before joining the SmartTribes team, Tami spent 15 years in the software development industry in various roles ranging from software development to quality assurance management. When she’s not working, Tami loves hiking, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.

Heather Loizos

Director of Finance

Heather Loizos joined SmartTribes Institute in October 2013. In Heather’s position as Finance Leader, she ensures that finances are running smoothly by communicating effectively with clients, managing cash flow and monitoring and providing feedback on financial goals. Heather has a BSBA from the University of Arizona and prior to being part of SmartTribes Institute has held successful positions in mobile entertainment and golf workshop management. When she’s not working, Heather enjoys playing with her kids and spending time with her family and friends.

Hannah Wells

Director of Client Care

Hannah Wells is the Director of Client Care at SmartTribes Institute. Hannah uses the STI company values, C-I-R-C-L-E, to oversee operations and strategic planning that result in the ultimate customer experience. Before this role, Hannah worked alongside successful CEOs in Arizona and Colorado to create operational efficiency and promote business development. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, personal development and hiking with her fiancé, Shane.